"We have been tenants of Stevens Property Management for the past 10 years in different properties and have been more than satisfied. They always try their best to contact landlords and get problems resolved as soon as possible." - Mrs Smith
Our Tenants

At Stevens Property Management we value reliable tenants and it is important to us that you enjoy the experience of renting a property with us. That is why we welcome your feedback on our landlords and properties in order to improve your stay as well as our services.

It is our aim to try and resolve any problems you have as soon as possible, all we require is a little patience. If you are currently experiencing any problems please report them via the form provided on this page. We should get the report information within 24 hours and be able to resolve it as soon as we can.

Out Of Hours Contractors

Please find below, a list of works that are not considered emergency works.  Please read it in full before calling the numbers below.  The list is not comprehensive, but a guide to help you establish when you should phone your emergency contact or contact another party. Burst Pipes: Water leaks that have been stopped and rectified.  Turn off the water supply at the stopcock and use containers to try catching the water.  If the water is affecting the electricity, switch off the supply at the mains.  Contact the water board.

Leaking wastes to baths and sinks: Emergency repairs to leaking waste pipes for baths and sinks are normally only carried out if the appliance is un-useable because of the leak.  If water from the leak is a slow drip and can be caught in containers, do this and report the repair during normal office hours.

No water supply: Check whether or not the water authority has turned off the supply in your area by contacting a neighbour or, quite often, the cold-water tap in the kitchen is linked directly to the mains, so try this.  If there is no supply from this tap, then the supply has been stopped and you should contact the emergency water authority number.  If it is only your home without water, contact the water board Anglian Water - Love Every Drop

Or call 03457 145 145

No heating/hot water – Gas: Emergency repairs will normally only be carried out between October and May.  If, however, a young child or elderly person resides in the home, then this will be treated as an emergency.  If you have an electric immersion heater as an alternative means of supplying hot water, then you will be expected to use this until repairs can be carried out as routine maintenance, the same applies if you have an open or separate gas fire,  Check to see if the pilot light has gone out.  If it has, then follow the instructions for re-lighting.  Check the thermostat to see if it has switched to a high or low position, check if you are on pre-payment you have credit on your meters,  Only if none of the above works, call the emergency contractor.

No Power: Check the fuses to see whether they have tripped or blown  If so, reset the trip switch/fuse.  Check with your neighbours to find out if they are also without power.  If this is the case, it is probable that there has been a supply cut in your area.  If this is the case, contact the emergency number for the relevant supply authority.  If you have followed these guidelines and still have no power, please contact the electricity board.

Sparking/Smoking Switch, Light socket or Socket: Disconnect all appliances and try to reset the trip switch/fuse.  If there is still a problem, do not use this particular socket or switch and report to Stevens Property Management on the next working day.

No heating/Hot water – Electric: Emergency heating repairs will normally only be carried out between October and May.  If, however, a young child or an elderly person resides in the home, then this will be treated as an emergency.  Check to see whether or not the fuses have tripped or blown.  Check if the electricity supply is operating, if on prepayment check you have credit. Only if none of the above works, call the emergency contractor.

Blocked Drains/Waste pipes/gutters: Are the tenants responsibility to clear - if this can not be done, call a drainage specialist - this has to be paid for by the tenant. We suggest AJET 01507 522300

Broken, Loose or Missing Manhole Covers: Emergency repairs will be carried out if the missing/damaged cover is causing danger to the tenant/public.  Please telephone your Block Management Company (if appropriate) or Local Authority.

Break-In/Vandalism: If you have suffered a break-in, which has resulted in damage to external doors or windows, please contact the police to attend and contact the emergency contractor to make the property secure, then notify Stevens Property Management.

Gas Leaks: If you can smell gas, switch off the supply at the mains or meter, contact the National Grid (tel: 0800 111999) immediately and follow their advice.  If in doubt, during office hours contact us directly.

Lost Keys: It is not deemed to be an emergency if you lock yourself out, or if you lose your door keys.  You must arrange a locksmith to visit and allow access.

Fire: In the event of a fire, contact the Fire Brigade without delay and follow their advice. Notify Stevens Property Management at the earliest opportunity.

Emergency Contacts: If you have read the above and still need to contact a contractor out of normal office hours, in case of an emergency, please call one of the following numbers below:-

Electrician: Rubix Electrical 07885785477

Electrician: AK Electrical 07888716906

Gas Engineer/Plumber: MRM plumbing and heating 07985751511

Gas Engineer/Plumber: Gas Solve 01507 605114/07771751960

Lock smith: Shire Locks: 07889573737

Drains: Ajet 01507 522300

Roofing: Ian Wheatley: 07872322159

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